The constant compliment we receive about children's birthday parties at Knockerball & More is that we've come up with something DIFFERENT! If you've exhausted yourself on bounce houses, trampolines, video games and all the other usual birthday parties, give us a try next!

All children's birthday parties at Knockerball & More offer PRIVACY and STRUCTURE.

PRIVACY meaning you will have your own spacious, reserved party area (home base) for the full duration of your party (not just 30 minutes at the end) and no other children or customers will be mixed in the activities - just your crew! Plenty of space for the adults to socialize and watch too! Parents are welcome to participate as well, but we ask that they be included in the headcount if they will be joining in on the fun with the kids!

STRUCTURE meaning the party is organized and not a chaotic free-for-all! You will have 1-2 personal party hosts (Gratuity for party hosts is not included but always appreciated) who will take the kids through all the activities in groups as well as explain the rules, supervise for safety, keep the score/time and most importantly make sure everyone is having fun! They will also take care of serving the pizza and all set-up/clean-up so you can relax, take photos and actually enjoy your child's party - we always say that we sell fun and memories!

We offer an all-inclusive option which includes pizza, drinks and snacks or you can choose to skip the pizza and just play longer (you're welcome to just do cake at the end too). Many choose to go to the food court or do pizza/cake at home for more playtime so the choice is yours! We can also order extra pizza if you expect parents to hang around and watch the fun!

*Our pizza comes from 'Dough Mama' just upstairs in the food court for any ingredient questions and they also offer gluten free personal pies if needed.

You are also welcome to bring additional food/snacks (please nothing in cups or popcorn - capped bottles are preferred), juiceboxes, decorations (please no confetti or glitter), balloons and if you prefer to use your own themed party supplies please feel free - just let us know!


Our All-Inclusive Bump It Up or Knockout Packages include the following:

-Private party area for the full party with comfy seating, serving/gift table and refrigerated cooler
-2 slices of pizza per child based on headcount
-Ice Cold Bottled Water in your cooler (refilled as needed)
-Individually wrapped snack bags (Doritos, Cheese Doodles, Potato Chips, etc)
-Standard party supplies - plates, napkins, utensils, tablecloths
-BRING YOUR OWN CAKE! (We have a freezer for ice cream cake)


90 MINUTE BUMP IT UP! Party - $349 for the first 8 kids and $25 for each additional (60 Minutes of activities followed by 30 minutes for pizza and cake)

2 HOUR KNOCKOUT! Party - $699 for the first 16 kids and $30 for each additional (90 Minutes of activities followed by 30 minutes for pizza and cake)
**2 Hour Party must be booked over the phone - please call 732-690-5670

Prices do not include NJ Sales Tax or gratutity for your party hosts



Knockerball & Sports Sampler Package

This is our most frequently booked package and the activities are as funny to watch as they are to play! The Sampler features many unique games and activities for a broad range of ages, interests and skill levels. It is also recommended for groups larger than 20 as it provides a larger party area and many activities to keep everyone entertained if they have to wait a turn. Package includes:

-Personal Party Hosts to help organize, guide and run the party
-Private Knockerball field with 6 Knockerballs per turn
-Human Foosball
-Hungry Hungry Humans
-Soccer Darts
-Soccer Pool
-Lounge area with lifesize games (Jenga, Connect-4, UNO, checkers)
-Setup and Clean-up included!
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Knockerball/Glow Darts (NERF War)/Laser Tag Package

This package includes Knockerball and Hungry Hungry Humans like the Sports Sampler, but instead of the sports activities, you will have your own private Glow-in-the-Dark Battlefield reserved just for your group! Two Team Bases, hiding spots, blacklights, colored LED lighting and touch sensitive targets make every battle fun, active and engaging! Laser Tag and NERF games are limited to a max of 8 v 8 so larger groups will have to take turns

We provide everything needed - soft foam NERF darts, simple NERF guns and basic Laser Tag guns (easy for younger kids too) - all of this fun with just your crew - no other kids or customers mixed in! Package includes:

-Personal Party Hosts to help organize, guide and run the party
-Private Knockerball field with 6 Knockerballs per turn
-NERF War (safety goggles, foam darts, and guns included)
-Laser Tag**
-Hungry Hungry Humans
-9 Hole Mini Golf
-Lounge area with lifesize games (Jenga, Connect-4, UNO, checkers) 6 Player Air Hockey, 1 on 1 Pop-A-Shot Basketball
-Setup and Clean-up included - no darts to pick up!

**Please keep in mind that we do many birthdays for younger kids (5 and up) so our Laser Tag guns are very basic and simple to use. If you are used to Laser Tag that keeps track of how many people you eliminate or how many times you have been eliminated in a game, this is not that type of system.
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