Knockerball New Jersey was one of the first 5 independent Knockerball affiliates in the United States. In just 3 years time, Knockerball USA has ballooned to over 300 independent affiliates in every state across the US and some International as well with brick and mortar locations popping up everywhere and Knockerball quickly becoming the hot new go-to activity for birthday parties, corporate team building, family reunions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, camps, schools, end of season parties or just a night out with friends.

You may be wondering '"What is a Knockerball?" A Knockerball is a giant inflatable ball of air with two handle bars and two shoulder straps inside that the players wear like a backpack. Once all players are strapped in, the fun and laughs are non-stop as players are literally playing human bumper cars while also competing in hilarious competitive games such as Bubble Soccer, Last Team Standing, Sumo Wrestling, Relay Races and more.

Knockerball NJ can supply Knockerballs for mobile events at your location (restrictions apply for playing surface, distance, number of players) or if you are planning an event, we can host your event in our very unique 18,000 square foot indoor family entertainment center at the Monmouth Mall in Eatontown, NJ, just minutes from the Long Branch, Asbury Park and the beaches of the Jersey Shore.

Knockerball & More has lots of fun and hilarious group activities for all ages from 3-80 and everything in between...our most popular attractions include Knockerball, Human Foosball, Hungry Hungry Humans, Dodgeball, Soccer Pool, Soccer Darts and Glow-in-the-Dark Laser Tag!

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Our 18,000 sf indoor facility located inside the Monmouth Mall in Eatontown, NJ is intended to be enjoyed as a group experience ...with this in mind, to enjoy the full range of activities we offer, a minimum of 8 guests is needed during the week and 10 on the weekend. You can try our sampler package which includes Knockerball, Human Foosball, Hungry Hungry Humans, Dodgeball, and your own private Party Lounge which includes leather sofas to relax and our lifesize games like Soccer Darts, Soccer Pool Jenga, Connect-Four, UNO and checkers!

Our signature attraction, KNOCKERBALL, is the hot new game where players from young to old strap inside giant inflatable bubbles allowing them to roll, flip, run and bump into the other players like human bumper cars resulting in hilarious fun for the players as well as spectators! 
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